Start TODAY, Act NOW.

Written on: March 31, 2018

In: Wellness by Elisa Coleclough

“Whether you are failure or a success in life has little to do with your circumstances; it has much more to do with your choices” - Nido Qubein

Dear Readers, I hope you are ok.  I have been absent longer than usual, I know. The fact is that the past 10 days have felt like a month into my life.


As I have said in other blogs, I am an only child. My dad was indeed a very especial figure of authority in my life, he taught me about values and being a caring and loving human being. He also told me to never ever give in. Fight, and if I was tired, I would go and fight the next day.


The fact is that my father was a very healthy man, with rosy cheeks and good color on his skin. He enjoyed eating chocolate and all kinds of sweets. He was a sedentary person though. Since he had married at the age of 36, he stopped playing football, one of the sports he loved the most.  As you may imagine, high blood pressure accompanied him ever since. My father did not smoke or drank any alcohol at all, but his worst enemy was the lack of physical exercise.


If you have been to Mexico City (altitude 2,300mts over the sea), it is important to lead a healthy life as just because we live in a city like this we are prone to certain heart conditions. Whether you live at sea-level or not, we all need to exercise regularly. Typically, as we get old and our body metabolism is not the same as we were younger.


Having said that, my dad started about a year ago, going to the doctor due to some heart conditions, however neither the physician advised him nor did he decide to change his regular habits.


As you know our habits define our present and if we do not change anything in the present, or future will be doomed.


My dad’s health became weaker in the past 3 months and he finally passed away last Saturday March, 24th. A day I will never forget, one because it is my anniversary and also because my dad left me that day.


“Whether you are failure or a success in life has little to do with your circumstances; it has much more to do with your choices”  – Nido Qubein


As you know, I advocate continually for a healthy life, taking care of ourselves is the only way to lead a quality life. We are body, mind and soul and as such we need to look at ourselves.


I can tell you that my dad left me; at the beginning I did not understand many of his choices, I actually would have never taken those choices myself. Each of us has a different map of the world, as my tutor Christian Simpson would say, which is true.


I can assure you that the silent killer is apathy, procrastinating. The usual phrase is “tomorrow, I will start…” and that tomorrow never comes…until the death comes, unexpected or not. We know the steps to be healthier to invest in ourselves.


Since a very tender age, I told myself “take care of your body, because it is your vessel” I would tell myself later on:


“Take care of the hardware and the software altogether, it is all you have”


Start TODAY exercising, do not let the silent killer named “indifference” approach you. Act NOW.


Take care and have a great beginning of week/day, Eli